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Celebrate with simplicity, cherish forever.

what is a celebration journal?

An intentional alternative to the greeting cards Mothers receive from their children.

We're on a mission to enrich family traditions and create a more meaningful celebration experience between Mother and child. We designed a Celebration Journal with this purpose in mind. 


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When a special occasion is coming up, ask your child to draw, color, or write a message in the journal.

Instead of giving you a greeting card, your child can share their entry in the journal with you.

Display your journal in a safe place in between celebrations. Use the journal for any occasion that is special to you.



Using our journal is easy. The design has been left open-ended to cater to families of all situations and sizes. 

how does it work?

Have questions about how the journal works? Read our FAQ's here.

No more last minute trips to the store. No more decision fatigue. All "cards" for Mother are already taken care of.


Helps you get

Our Journal becomes a beautiful family heirloom. We know the cherished pages of your Journal will be revisited time and time again, for years to come.


Becomes a family

Say goodbye to piles of old greeting cards, and deliberations about what to do with them. Keep all your cherished notes from your children in one safe place.

card clutter


Our Journal creates a meaningful family tradition that facilitates genuine connection between parent and child.

parent & child


why use a celebration journal?

Here are four reasons why you should ditch the greeting cards and use a journal instead.





what's in the journal?


The journal contains thoughtfully designed entry pages, a page for dates to remember, artistic and writing prompts, and more!


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