Valentines Entry Ideas — For Every Child in Your Family

We know it can be intimidating to fill a blank Journal page, so with Valentine's Day coming up, we put together some ideas for every age and ability. Keep reading to see some suggestions for every child in your family.

Infant & toddler  |  Age 0 - 2
Your child may not have any artistic skills yet, but you can still record some special memories in your Journal! Consider using stamps or pens to document the tiny size of their hands! Two hands stamped together makes the perfect heart. If they are verbal, your partner can ask them questions and write down their answer for them. If they aren’t verbal, your partner can record some things your child loves about you or noteworthy things you have done together (see written prompts in the back of your Journal for more ideas). 

Pre-school  |  Age 2 - 5
You may need to provide more or less direction depending on your child’s ability and interest level. Thumb print pictures are a fun thing for preschoolers to create! Two thumb prints at an angle make little hearts that can be made into people with the addition of some pen dots and lines (have your partner assist with this part). Preschoolers can try to draw their own heart, or color inside one that your partner draws. Pink, red, and purple are all traditional Valentine’s Day colors and will make your child’s entry look consistent and festive.

Elementary school  |  Age 5 - 10
We’re assuming that if your child likes to draw and enjoys being creative, that you don’t need any ideas. If your child struggles in this department, try this simple idea: draw a heart and divide it up with diagonal lines. Have them color the sections in different colors. Alternatively, have them draw different patterns inside the sections. 

Middle school  |  Age 10 - 13
Have your middle schooler draw something with flowers. Your child can sketch a heart outline and then draw simple flowers. Or how about a bouquet of hearts? Start by drawing 5 or 6 hearts in a cluster, or varying sizes and at different angles. Then draw lines from the bottom of each heart that converge into the middle of the “bouquet”. If your child struggles with drawing, have them answer a prompt about what makes their mother special. If they write a message, they may be able to draw something to go with it.

High school  |  Age 13 - 18)
A great drawing idea for teenagers is for them to illustrate one word. Call it doodling if the word “illustrate” is intimidating to them! Possible words to illustrate: “Mom” “Mama” “Love” “Family” “Cherish”. If your teenager doesn’t enjoy drawing, there is ample space for them to write a message. A poem, a Bible verse, a quote, joke, or song lyrics are all great starting points and can be included as a jumping off place for them to elaborate upon in their written message.

We've just scratched the surface of what you can do with your Journal for Valentine's Day, but we hope this helps provide some guidance and inspiration as you prepare to celebrate this year!


We'd love to know — what does your Valentine's Day entry look like? Comment below or shoot us an email at!


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