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Q: Can this Journal be for other family members (Fathers, grandparents, etc) or between couples with no children?
A: The Journal has been designed with Mothers in mind, but could still be used by other family members, or even couples with no children. That said, we do plan to expand our product line to include a Journal specifically for Fathers, so stay tuned!

Q: What kinds of art supplies can be used in this Journal?
A: The paper inside the Journal is a very thick, smooth, bright white luxury paper. We’ve tested the paper with the following mediums and found there was little or no bleeding or warping:
           • Crayons
           • Pencils
           • Washable markers
           • Ballpoint pens
           • Gel pens
           • Stamping ink
           • Stickers (not 3D)
           • Chunkies paint sticks

Q: How much blank drawing space is on each Journal entry spread?
A: Each spread has a little over 12 x 6 " worth of blank space for drawing, coloring, and creating!

Q: What if I have a large family?
A: The beauty of our Journals is that they are fully adaptable to your family size and situation. You decide how to use it and tailor it to your specific needs. The Journal contains 90 spreads. For larger families, one option is to create chronological “volumes” and purchase a second Journal after you complete the first one. Alternatively, you could purchase one Journal per child. 

Q: What if I am a single parent? Is the Journal still for me?
Absolutely! You don’t need a spouse in order to use this Journal. If your children are older, they will be able to use the Journal independently (though a reminder that a special occasion is coming up wouldn’t hurt!) If your children are younger, ask a friend or family member to help them fill out the pages.
Q: What if my children are young?
We believe there is nothing sweeter than looking back on tiny handprints and a baby’s first scribbles. To help you use your Journal, we have prompts listed in the back of the Journal for every age group. In addition to the creative prompts, you can also use the writing prompts to ask your children questions and record their answers for them if they can’t write yet. 

Q: What if my children are older?
A: It is never too late for your children to use a Journal! You can start creating special family traditions now, no matter the age of your children.

Q: What if my children aren’t motivated to fill out the Journal?
Although we think most children will love participating, we know some children may need a little encouragement to fill out a page in the Journal. To help you out, we have included 4 Progress Tracker pages in the back. There is a line to write your child's name at the top of each page if you wish. Each page contains 30 spots for stickers or stamps. After your child completes a page, let them put a stamp or a sticker on their Progress Tracker page. As the years go by, they’ll be able to see their progress through all the stickers they’ve received in the past.

Q: What if my spouse isn’t creative?
We know not all spouses are creative, and that’s ok! While there are definitely opportunities for your spouse to get creative with the Journal, they won’t need to do anything creative if they don't want to. All they need to do is get out the Journal (and some art supplies if desired), and then help your children pick a prompt if they aren’t sure what to use their page for. That’s it! 

Q: What if I want to index all the Journal entries?
 Each spread has a page number in the bottom right hand corner. If you’d like to create an index or table of contents so that you can easily reference specific dates or occasions, we have provided 4 lined “Notes” pages in the back for this purpose.