Hi, I'm Lucy!

Mother, designer, striving to live with intention.

I truly believe in the principle of fewer but better, and strive to simplify and streamline my life. I also love to create memorable experiences with my children, in particular on special occasions. I became frustrated with the traditional greeting card experience on occasions like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and my birthday. As a mother of three and graphic designer, aspiring to live with intention and mindfulness, I determined that I could solve this problem.


I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I created it myself.
I came across the idea of children decorating a page in a notebook for Mother's Day, and I loved the basic concept. I searched for a simple hardback (unlined) notebook, and couldn't find anything I loved and would want to keep for years to come. So I decided to design my own with that purpose in mind.

As the design process unfolded, I knew I wanted to design much more than simply a blank notebook. Our journal has been carefully crafted to facilitate a meaningful experience for both Mother and child. I wanted to make our product heirloom quality, and something that Mothers would be happy to display on a bookshelf or bedside table. It was important to me to build not just a product, but a brand. That's why our brand is full of heart and has been built to support future products.


From mood board to final product, each step has been thoughtful and intentional.

Starting with the mood board, followed by branding, a prototype, and ending with a printed product, every decision has been made deliberately. To us, our brand is just as important as the product we sell, and serving our customers is more important than how much money we make. We stand behind every aspect of our business — our values, our design process, and our product. From the first sketches to the final product, every step has been carefully made to meet needs of our customers.