journal features

Journal entry pages

The journal contains 90 open-ended entry spreads, offering many possibilities and uses. On each entry spread there is a place for your child’s name, age, the date, the occasion, the location and how you celebrated the day. On the left, lines are provided to write a special message.

Artistic & writing prompts

At the back of the journal, we've included artistic and writing prompts. We know that not all children (or their parents) will know how to fill each page, so we created some suggestions. The writing prompts are divided by celebrations, and the artistic prompts are divided by developmental age.

A "Dates to Remember" page

A dates to remember page helps you recall which special occasions are coming up and plan accordingly.

"Progress Tracker" pages

If your children need a little extra motivation to make a journal entry, they can place a stamp or sticker on the progress tracker pages.

Notes pages

We’ve included several lined notes pages in the back for extra memories.

Have questions about the journal? Read our FAQ's here.


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